For The Unsealed Scroll Prophecy Conference

April 24, 2019
I am feeling VERY overwhelmed today! For the third time, at least, I am sitting down trying to work on the sponsorship package. I don't know how to do this. Yes, I know how to type up the proposal- to some degree, but I have no idea what is appropriate to ask for. I've talked to the organizer of another event like this and she was an INCREDIBLE help and encouragement. She and her husband have even offered to help us run this, logistically, so we are all praying about what that looks like. We are DEFINITELY open to this, and would LOVE to have the help!

As I was struggling with this project today- literally to the point of being physically sick at my stomach- Adrian called me. God is just SO GOOD!!! His timing just completely overwhelms me!! Adrian had just received an email from someone wanting to know about being an affiliate sponsor. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! Now the problem with us. Why do I feel so slimy? As Adrian and I talked, I started crying. I am having a very hard time with this aspect of this conference. No, it's not pride. I've asked myself this question more times than I can count. My problem is this: I don't ever want to be in the same vein as the money-changers in the temple. I know what happened to them- Jesus was extremely angry with them turning His Father's house into a marketplace and He turned over all their tables! We've already had a few comments online from people condemning us for charging for this conference. And, on the opposite side, God has brought people to us who are in the Christian publishing business who have the same heart we have. Unfortunately, this world runs on dollars. As my new friend Joe Kerr told me- the electric company would not be amused if I sent them a prayer for my payment! He told me not to be ashamed or afraid to ask for people to partner with us. In turn, he connected me to Jeannie, the organizer of the other event.

This is not my giftedness- AT ALL! So my prayer request today is this:
Lord God Almighty, we praise You! We praise You in Your sanctuary, we praise You in all the earth! All creation praises You- from the mighty heavens to the roaring seas! We praise You for Your mighty works and we praise You for Your unequaled greatness!
Abba, we need help. We need someone who can help me with the sponsorship side of things, starting from the ground up. We are so very excited to have exhibitors as a part of the conference, and I do not believe this is wrong. I just don't know how to put a fair package together, and I am not comfortable in the least with approaching people to ask them to sponsor this for money. And lastly, as far as this topic goes, I ask You to bring us the EXACT people YOU want to be a part of this conference on this side of things! I pray that You will hide us from any person or business that would bring dishonor to Your Name and I ask You to protect us and prevent us from partnering with anyone who is in any way in the likeness of the money-changers in the temple. Lord, let everything that has breath sing praises to You, because You alone are worthy of our praise! In Jesus Name- Amen!
(Psalm 150)

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