Journey To Freedom In Christ

Do you continually experience extreme difficulties in your life, one after another?

Do you continually experience heartache and brokenness?

Do you find the Bible to be confusing and difficult to read and study?

Do you find it extremely difficult, if not next to impossible, to live a godly life?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions you are not living the life of Freedom that Christ has given you. You are not alone. Even as believers, many Christians experience these same difficulties in their own lives.

As a believer in Christ, He has already set you free through His victory over sin and death on the cross. This means that through His Holy Spirit, you have the power and authority inside of you to live in complete and total freedom through Jesus Christ!

Then why is it so difficult to live the victorious life that God’s Word promises through Christ? Why do we not see the treasure chest we’ve been given and take out the gifts He’s given us?

This is an ongoing journey as we learn how to walk in His freedom every day!

We have to CONTINUALLY stay on guard, fighting the battle, because we are CONSTANTLY AT WAR, and our enemy roams around like a roaring lion seeking to steal, kill and destroy ALL of us, and EVERYTHING.