Our ministry seeks to be an integral part of bringing unity and vitality back to the body of Christ, sharing our resources, gifts, and talents, helping those in need, and ministering to one another, just as God intended Jesus' bride to be.

“When the followers of Jesus clothe the naked and feed the hungry, they are joining God in His kingdom work to repair the world. When they take in widows and orphans and speak out against national and personal evils, they are meeting evil head-on under His gentle reign. When they sell their possessions or live among human traffickers in order to rescue sex slaves, they are partners with God in denouncing these vile acts and putting things right. Ultimately, God will put an end to evil and all its manifestations; until then, the church has plenty to do.” It is our vision that rather than being destroyed for lack of knowledge, the End Times bride of Christ will become a thriving force to be reckoned with in these last days."


Though the overall vision and scope of our ministry is vast, we know that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step of faith.

As we continually seek the LORD, waiting for Him to guide, direct, and financially provide, we have stepped out in faith, making this an active ministry.