As I sat listening to about the man that is Scott Lochte, I had a strange dichotomy of emotions. I already missed the man that I have had the honor of knowing for such a short time. My heart ached for his family and closest friends, even as I celebrated the Life that he lived out on this earth.

As his best friend, and then each of his children spoke, I struggled with feeling like such a complete and total failure. I knew this was the enemy trying to steal away the beautiful time that had been set aside to remember such an honorable man.

Oh sure, I know that no one is perfect, and Scott, being human, obviously was not a perfect man. And yes, I also know that when you are celebrating someone's life, you don't typical talk about their shortcomings.

Even still, I know that every word that was spoken about Scott was absolutely true! And knowing this, again, made me miss him even more, made me sad that I did not get the opportunity to know him better than I did, and left me longing to be the kind of person he was.

After the service Celebrating Scott's Life, the overall theme seemed to be the very same emotions I was experiencing. Even a pastor spoke of feeling like a failure after hearing about the true essence of the man that is Scott Lochte! At least I was not the only one!

When we left the service that evening, we both knew that something beyond the obvious had changed. Something was brewing in the spiritual realm. Over the next few days it seems to explode! The passion and vision that has been so much a part of us for all these years had ignited! Scott Lochte is the catalyst that ignited the flame that has been burning just below the surface for so many years. Jesus made it clear....