To see where, when, and how this all started, and how it all came to be, this is the story of our journey, and how i4029 Ministries came to be, as told by Cindi...

As Adrian studied God's Word, the Lord began stirring in his heart about how the modern church is nothing like the Acts 2 Church. What started as a stirring in his heart would become a topic of conversation that would be discussed off and on over the years to come.

MAY 2001:
After the death of my first husband, my family and I formed a non-profit organization in his memory. He had a heart for the homeless, so this ministry- Butterflies From Heaven- went out on the streets of Dallas, Texas, and served food to the homeless, as we spent time loving them just as Jesus loved the needy. Out of this ministry, my uncle, Todd Lawrence, answered Gods call and became a licensed and ordained minister.

Adrian and I got married.

Adrian took me to Grace Point Church for the first time. When I tell people about the first time I went to Grace Point, invariably it draws laughter. The story really is funny, but at the time it was not. I insisted that we sit in the back. I wanted the back row, but Adrian got me up to the second to the last row. (This is hilarious, because before it was all said and done, our regular seat was the second row from the front!) However, that first Sunday, as I looked around the congregation I became very terrified! Everywhere I looked there were bald men! Adrian could tell I was distressed, and asked me if I was ok. I whispered to him, in the most horrified manner, "You have brought me to a cult for bald men!" I was dead serious! Not only was Adrian bald, but so was Pastor Jeff, so was the man who was doing the pre-sermon prayer and other things (this man was Andy Brown, and would eventually become my boss! 🙂 ), and everywhere I looked in the crowd there were bald men! Adrian thought I was joking. I was not! I would hardly let go of his arm, and was squeezing it so hard he was about to lose the circulation.

We attended the 2- week New Member's Discovery Class at Grace Point. It was during the first class that Wesley King said, "If you are the kind of person who likes to just come to church and then leave, this is probably not the place for you. We want you to get connected within our community." I looked at Adrian, arched her eyebrows and wagged her finger at him, mouthing, "No! Not happening!" After that class, Adrian had to do some pretty heavy convincing to get me to even go back to Grace Point, much less go to the second class. However, it was during the second class that the youth ministry became a topic of discussion as an area to serve. I was very intrigued with this, as my teenage years had been quite tumultuous. I always connected well with teens, and had a heart to help troubled teens. A couple of weeks later we met with Andy Brown, who was the Youth Pastor, and the rest, as they say, is history. Eventually, I would end up on staff at Grace Point serving as the Youth Administrative Assistant. This is where much of my healing from my first husband's suicide took place.

SPRING 2006:
A missionary spoke at Grace Point. We had lunch after the service, and at the very same time, started speaking to each other, saying, "I need to talk to you!" As we discussed the service, we both knew that God was calling us into full time missions.

We began praying diligently, making the necessary preparations so that we would be ready when God called us to GO!

The only real debt we had was our truck note. We continually prayed about what God wanted us to do about the truck note.

FALL 2006:
Then Adrian had a wreck. He was not hurt, but the truck was totaled. We just knew this was God's answer to our prayers.

In the meantime, someone from Grace Point actually gave us a vehicle- clear title and all. Again, we just knew that this was God providing until such time when He would speak clearly to us.

Yet, He was still silent. Adrian literally drove that car until it would not go any longer. I called him Fred Flintstone for quite a while, because the very last day we had the car, he literally had to push the car off of the road with his foot.

We did not want to purchase a new vehicle, because we just knew God was going to show us what He wanted us to do. But still, only silence. So we had to buy a new car.

We continued to wait, pray, and wait. Life went on. Adrian was offered a new job in Dallas. We prayed, very clearly believing this is where God was moving us. I gave a month's notice to resign from my staff position as Youth Administrative Assistant at Grace Point. My brother and sister-in-law came down the weekend before Adrian was supposed to start the job in Dallas on Monday, to help him move a few things to their house, where he would be staying. That night when we went to bed, we were both unsettled. We literally stayed up until 4am praying. God spoke very clearly- we were not supposed to move. This was the strangest thing in the world! Thankfully, Adrian was able to go back to his job right away- in fact, they had offered him a LOT more money to stay, and he had turned it down. But, through this, God provided a hefty increase in his pay. I stayed on with my position at Grace Point.

During these 4 years we had been trying to start a family. I had gone through numerous surgeries, procedures, chemical menopause, shots, fertility drugs, and a plethora of other not-so-nice things.

Roger and Dana Finley started fostering children, and had us babysit a few times for them.

Andy and Shannon Brown also started going through the foster care clases, and suggested that we do that as well.

MARCH 2007
We started our classes to become foster-to-adopt partents.

JULY 2007
I resigned from my position at Grace Point, and got ready to be a stay-at-home mom. One month later, we received our first two little boys.

Over the course of the next ten months we had 10 children that came through our home. Five of them left and went back to their biological family; five of them stayed with us, at varying times during the course of these ten months.

JULY 17, 2009
Our adoption was finalized! All five of our kids were adopted on the same day.

I was standing at the sink washing dishes and praying. Very wistfully, I asked God if Adrian and I had heard Him wrong. I very clearly heard Him say- "No, you did not. Look around you. You are LIVING full-time missions in your home!" I started crying, and immediately went and told Adrian. Adrian had already realized this, but we had never talked about it. It was such a crazy roller-coaster, with 5 kids, the issues we were dealing with, and just life in general.

Over the course of time, we still felt the pull of God that there was more. We had friends who moved to Montana to help start a church, and we thought we were supposed to go with them and be part of the support team with the new church plant. As we started praying through that, God VERY CLEARLY AND SOLIDLY closed that door!

One evening as we were talking about this, Adrian was a bit perplexed. He said that God had led him to this passage of Scripture:
False Religion Worthless
"This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord: “Stand at the gate of the Lord’s house and there proclaim this message:
“‘Hear the word of the Lord, all you people of Judah who come through these gates to worship the Lord. This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: Reform your ways and your actions, and I will let you live in this place. Do not trust in deceptive words and say, “This is the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord!” If you really change your ways and your actions and deal with each other justly, if you do not oppress the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow and do not shed innocent blood in this place, and if you do not follow other gods to your own harm, then I will let you live in this place, in the land I gave your ancestors for ever and ever. 8 But look, you are trusting in deceptive words that are worthless." Jeremiah 7:1-7

Adrian spoke about how God had shown him that this Scripture was his very life. He married a widow and adopted 5 orphans. Yet, he still knew that there was a deep stirring within him, just as I knew there was a deep stirring within myself.

During his Weekly Prophecy Update, Pastor J.D. Farag, one of the pastors we watch online, made a statement that changed my life. He said something along the lines of, "If you want to quicken the coming of the Lord, help bring people into the Kingdom of God!" He was talking about a ministry that he had recently come to be a part of, and was sharing about their mission. As soon as I heard this I logged on to the site and sent my application in to Global Media Outreach, which is the ministry behind My application was approved on February 25, 2014. I was officially an online missionary! At the time of this writing, I have helped 3,454 people through this ministry! I have taken 985 people on the Journey To Freedom In Christ.

DECEMBER 12, 2016:
We met Sammy Vale for the first time. I was a basket-case, crying, very concerned that one of our children would end up in sex trafficking. It was the Christmas service that the Arembide's gave their story. Sammy had walked up while I was talking to Eunice, heard me crying and talking about what was going on with us, and he offered his help. It wasn't until we were on the way home that we realized his last name. The realization that as part of the Grace Point Staff years ago, I had prayed for Sammy and Lenay, and their ministry, as God called them, was absolutely amazing!

DECEMBER 20, 2016:
We had an appointment with Sammy. This was our first experience with Freedom Prayer.

During a phone conversation with Tamera Harris, I gave her the basic outline of what had come together the evening before. As she and I talked, more details were solidified. As I talked, I began filling in the spreadsheet as God showed me more of the details of what He wants this to be.

We had the opportunity to present our vision to Greg Wukash, who is now our pastor. We've known him for many years, but had just recently started attending Intersection.

As we showed him the vision, he had a continuous smile on his face. He was quite amazed it the complexity of the vision.

After we had outlined our vision, he spoke up and said, "Now, I only have one question. What are you doing about it right now?"

He already knew that we are heavily involved in ministry, and even said he knew when he asked that question that we were not just sitting around waiting on God to drop things in our lap. He just wanted to give us something to think and pray about as we continued moving toward whatever this is, and whenever Jesus tells us that it is time to take the next step.

This is the first opportunity that we had to show Chris and Rhonda Devlin the basic outline of what our vision is. Since we had talked more in-depth with Rhonda about it, the three of us began talking more details of how our two visions could merge to become one.

Chris spoke up and asked to see the computer so he could look at the spreadsheet. He was quiet for several minutes, and then he turned to Adrian and said, "This is the church!" This spun off into the very same conversation we have had so many times over the years. Chris had never been a part of any of these discussions, and yet, every word he spoke was an exact echo of ours. When Jesus said, "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, He never meant that we should expect the government to care for the sick and the poor! That is the church's place! We, as the body of Christ, have failed miserably in fulfilling this purpose and calling!

We believe that this vision is Jesus calling His bride back to her purpose.

FEBRUARY 28, 2018:
After our Wednesday night class, we ended up talking to Dan and Cindy Yates about a variety of things. We very vaguely mentioned this vision, and Dan said, "If you build it, they will come!" This is yet another confirmation from Jesus. Indeed, It Is Time!

MARCH 7, 2018:
One of the handouts from our Wednesday night class is the Bride of Christ. So much of what Sammy has put together, from years ago, is EXACTLY what our vision is!

MARCH 9, 2018:
Tonight was Stan and Tamera Harris'vow renewal. It was a very small and intimate gathering... truly beautiful. Just a few minutes before the ceremony started, Tamera told me that she had something for me. She took me around the corner and gave me a small figurine... of a Lady Warrior. She told me that she has had it for years, but when she looked at it recently, she knew it was supposed to be mine. I asked her when this had happened, and she told me some time over this past weekend. Yet another confirmation... It Is Time!!

MARCH 9, 2018:
After Tamera and Stan's vow renewal, we all went to dinner. Greg Wukash had performed the ceremony. We sat across from Greg and Denise at dinner. As we sat talking, we all began discussing how we had met. Many years ago.... probably in about 2004, we took a marriage class as Grace Point. That is where we met Greg and Denise. When we were discussing what the class was about, it was another one of those moments! The class was called, "Intimate Encounters!" The very thing that Jesus has been teaching me, as He calls me to this passionate vision, is intimacy. In fact, just today I began building the Intimacy part of our Prayer section on our website! Yes, Lord, YES! IT! IS! TIME! As You will, my Lord Jesus, as You will!

WEEK OF MARCH 12-16, 2018:
Adrian got Non-Profit name registered, the tax id number, registered the website, got the hosting and email started, and has started on the 501-c3 paperwork.

MARCH 15, 2018:
I went to a busines dinner with Rhonda Devlin. We were given the wrong time of the event, and we got there an hour early. We chose a table, but when they turned the music on, we could not hear each other talk. We moved to another table, but the music was still too loud. We moved back one more table, and it was perfect. We spent the time before the event started just talking. Other ladies joined our table, and we spoke to them. During the course of the evening, Rhonda discussed different business topics with them. As they talked, more and more Light was revealed. The three ladies that we spent the most time talking to are all believers. The lady directly next to Rhonda had actually flown to Tennessee to find out how to run a non-profit. She wants to start a non-profit for widows, because she knew the fireman that passed away not too long ago.

This was a GOD-APPOINTMENT, COMPLETELY! Rhonda does not even know how significant this is... but she will know tonight, when we unveil this to everyone.

MARCH 17, 2018:
Opened ministry banking account.

MARCH 24, 2018:
We received the official documents for the banking account. We are officially official! Thank You Jesus!

MARCH 28, 2018:
Stepped out in faith and sent off the 501(c)(3) application. Adrian prepared me that it may take a couple of months or even longer for the paperwork to be processed and approved.

APRIL 10, 2018:
We received the approved 501(c)(3) documents. We are officially official! When Jesus expedites things, even government paperwork is taken care of with ease!

APRIL 11, 2018:
In the online ministry I (Cindi) serve with, I am in a two-tiered leadership position. Part of my responsibilities include turning in a monthly report. This is part of the report I turned in to my leader today:
Please share with me….
Do you have any concerns you need help with? I have a question for you in regards to you March 23 Weekly Update email, which you sent at 10:19 AM. Did you have anyone in specific in mind when you wrote the last paragraph? It almost seemed as if maybe it was an afterthought. So this is the paragraph I am referring to: “I need to add to this – though selfishly I would like to keep every leader we have, I know there are sometimes life situations that make it difficult to keep some of our current responsibilities. If any of you leaders need to step away for a time, please let me know. I hope that if you need to leave the ranks of leadership you will be able to remain as OMs. Again, I am not asking anyone to step down because we already meet the minimum conditions of community-size for every community but one (and that is a special situation).”

Now, whether or not this is an afterthought, I do not know, but…. At the very moment you sent this email, I was actually outside washing down a “new to us” refrigerator. As I washed everything down, I was praying. I knew the Lord was speaking to me, and I knew what He was telling me- I just did not completely understand. It wasn’t that I did not understand what He was telling me- I just did not understand the how and when. I literally prayed the entire time I was outside. When I came in and sat down, I checked my email and your update was in my email box. I read it through, and when I got to the last paragraph I literally almost lost my breath and cried out, literally! Ruth- this is exactly what the Lord was speaking to me! This is also why I have been so quiet since that time. I just had to have time to process through everything, pray, seek the Lord, and just know that I know that I know that I am hearing Him correctly, and being completely obedient every single step of the way!

I have tried to email you about this more times than I can even tell you. I just could not get the words to come together. As I prayed, I always wanted to make sure I was not being disobedient by not emailing you, because I felt that I had heard Him, then I got your email, but then I couldn’t get the words to come together. Literally, every single day, my heart has been in turmoil over this. It’s not one specific thing that I am in turmoil about, it’s the different pieces and parts. It’s making sure I have indeed heard Him correctly, making sure I am being obedient, but being kind of sad, all at the same time of being very, very, very excited at what God is doing.


Do you have any encouraging stories from your contacts to share? Ruth, there are SO MANY encouraging stories that I cannot even process them all! God has truly overwhelmed me with the amazing and encouraging emails I get back from people! I am continually receiving emails to tell me that God has answered prayers for jobs, as well as other things. Jobs are the big thing, continually! It never gets old! It never becomes old hat! It always, always, ALWAYS amazes me that God uses me, hears my prayers, answers my prayers as I intercede for others!

Which brings me to….

How can I pray for you? Ruth, God has led Adrian and I to step out in faith. It’s a journey that He’s had us on for more than 20 years now. Well, actually, He’s been preparing us our entire lifetime, but…

Here is the ministry website:

This is The Journey of how it all came to be:

The resource site that feeds into the discipling part of the ministry is here:
This is where I have posted all of the lessons I have written, and continue to write. I’ve posted it on the site as I have sent them out, in a journey format. I CONTINUALLY get overwhelming responses to the lessons I send out!

On every lesson page I have linked to Godlife inviting them to talk to a real person, so hopefully, at some point, as it grows, our site will bring traffic to GMO as well.

All of this being said…. Part of my heart is heavy, yet, at the very same time, it is not heavy at all. How in the world can that be?! That just does not make sense at all! But, the Lord has instructed me that it is time for me to step out of leadership. I have struggled with this, because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a part of this, I love my community… but, I must be obedient to God.

In your email, you said: "I hope that if you need to leave the ranks of leadership you will be able to remain as OMs."

Ruth, I was SO GRATEFUL to read that! Honestly, I was scared He was asking me to completely step away. I did not get that indication, but I was too scared to ask Him. I knew I had to ask Him, but I was avoiding that part of it. He knew this, and answered my question before I even had to ask. Of course, if this is what He told me to do, I would do it. And, there may be a day He tells me this. It’s hard enough just to send this email, and He knows that. In fact, I’ve been writing this very email since right after you sent our monthly report. So Jesus, I thank You for Your Love for me, and the things I care about. I know my heart seeks after Your Kingdom, and I know You are honoring my heart. Thank You!!!

Whatever you need me to do, just let me know.

Now I am just writing to stall for time in sending this. So I am going to stop writing and send this to you.

I love you, my dear friend and sister! I am so very honored, so very grateful, and so very blessed to be a part of ALL of this! To be in leadership is one of the highest honors I have ever been given! Thank you, for EVERYTHING!!!!!

Ruth has become one of my dearest friends, as have many other people in this ministry. It took a few days to get everything taken care of, but I completely stepped out of one leadership position on April 24, and then on April 28 I stepped out of the other leadership position.

I know He is preparing me for the next step in all of this.

May 15, 2018:
For the last month, plus a few days, God has given me (Cindi) VERY CLEAR instructions: BE STILL! This has actually been a lesson that God has been trying to teach me for many, many, MANY years! While I have gotten a little better over the years, it has been an ongoing struggle.

However, something was different this time. I know it is all just part of this journey we are on, but it is somehow different this time.

When God speaks so clearly to you, you have a choice. Obey- or not. I am not willing to be outright defiant when God speaks to me, but, unfortunately, so many times I end up being a disobedient daughter simply because I simply DO NOT KNOW HOW to do what He is asking me to do!

This time, God got very creative. He continually repeated His instructions to me in various different ways. There was no denying the fact that He was speaking!

My birthday was April 2. That evening, we went to dinner with our dear friends, Stan and Tamera Harris. They brought me a lovely gift that evening, but Tamera told me that there was something more that would come in the mail. She said I would know it was from her as soon as it arrived.

On April 11, we had our Wednesday evening prayer class that we are taking. One of the exercises that we did that evening is called "dreaming with God". For this exercise, you sit quietly and listen for The Holy Spirit's Voice. We had note cards, and were to write on the cards whatever The Holy Spirit prompted us to write. Sammy collected our cards, mixed them all up, and we drew a card out. This is the card I received:

As we went around sharing what was written on our card, those who know me the best laughed when I read mine, because they know this is an ongoing thing with God and I.

After class, Lora came over and told me that she had written the card, and she kept asking Him, "is that all?!" He was very emphatic- yes, that is all. She asked Him, "no butterfly? no flower?" He was once again emphatic, stressing that was all. Now, interestingly enough, Lora does not even know how significant butterflies are to me. She has no idea that my family and I started a ministry called Butterflies From Heaven Ministries many years ago. It is only now, as I write this, that she will know this little fact.

Three days later, Adrian checked the mail, and my package from Tamera arrived. When I opened the package, this is what was inside:

I had to laugh! Neither of these ladies know each other! The shirt was obviously bought well before the class. Yet, it was the very same simple message: BE STILL! Needless to say, God wanted to make sure I heard Him loud and clear!!

I have been an obedient daughter... for the most part. No, I have not accomplished this task perfectly, but during this past month, I obediently stepped out of leadership in the online ministry I serve with, as I wrote about in my April 11, 2018 entry above.

I have worked on both ministry websites, written some lessons, started on a couple of other tasks that the Lord has given me... and I have rested. It is a strange thing, really. I've never really known how to do that. I know that probably sounds ridiculous to most people. However, many years ago, my brother told me that I need to sign up for Flutter's Anonymous. 🙂

As I have been obediently resting, Adrian and I have discussed many things about this ministry. We have prayed continuously over all of this, knowing that we are at the point where we are simply waiting. Being still. We've sensed that the next step is to get an actual location, but God has not shown us exactly how we are to go about finding a location. We have talked about numerous options, but nothing truly resonated with us. We just came up with more questions and no real answers. So we have waited, just being still.

Last night, God spoke. It was the strangest thing, but I knew. As Adrian and I talked with a friend of ours over coffee, he knew it, too. It is time to start putting the real prayer request before His throne. We've already been praying over it, and have, of course, asked our friends to pray with us. We've said that if God shows us the place that is to be ours, we will make it our Jericho.

The place we heard about last night is one of three locations we are putting before the Lord at this time. We have no idea if any of the three of these locations is indeed the one He has chosen for this ministry. No matter what, God is going to have to provide. We do not have the financial resources to even lease a place, much less purchase a place! Yet, God is saying to put this before Him. There are only 3 places that I have been drawn to in the least. So we are being obedient once again. It is COMPLETELY in HIS hands! This is so far outside of anything we can accomplish, so if this is to be, He will have to do it!

God continually reminds us that ALL financial resources belong to Him. He provides for us. He has provided Adrian's job, and every penny that we bring in comes from Him. In Psalm 50, God Almighty reminds His people that He does not need their sacrificed cattle because He owns the cattle of a thousand hills... in fact, He owns every beast that roams the earth. What God is asking for is obedience and a thankful heart. Why is it so hard for us to understand this? We moan and groan and grumble about the things that we do not have, yet completely forget to truly thank Him for the ABUNDANCE He has given us, with a truly grateful heart.

So today, once again, we are stepping out in obedience. The funny thing is- two of the three places that God has led me to put on the list are... well, quite frankly, almost laughable! They are so far outside of what I would say is within our reach or what we need, that if it were not for me being unwilling to be disobedient, I would NEVER have paused to look at it, much less put it on the the very short list! However, I have learned the hard way- I will not be defiant when He speaks. I may not always get all of the details correct; or, I may hear Him completely wrong, but I will not be defiant when He speaks! Many years ago I heard the Voice of God speak very clearly to me, and what He said seemed absolutely absurd to me! In fact, when I told Adrian what God had said to me, I laughed. Less than a year later, what God spoke came true, down to the tiniest detail. I no longer laugh at God. I simply obey. It is not always easy. In fact, MOST of the time it requires something very difficult of me. But I am not willing to be defiant against my Heavenly Father. He is far too gracious to me. He is far too loving to me. I will humbly and obediently honor Him all the days of my life!