About Us

Who We Are

i4029 Ministries was the brainchild of Adrian and Cindi Appleberry one day in 2018.  This is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to going into the world to make disciples of Christ (Matthew 28).  We accomplish this mission by connecting with our fellow believers in regionally held conferences and other events, along with online fellowship and study.  We equip the Saints for the days ahead in a way that is often not found in the traditional church setting.

The mission statement of i4029 Ministries is summed up in the scripture the ministry is named after:  Isaiah 40:29.  That scripture reads:  “He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.”

Our Story

Adrian and Cindi Appleberry started i4029 Ministries in 2018.  The idea for this non-profit was very different in the beginning.  We wanted to be a para-church organization that could come along side churches to offer services and support that the churches themselves just couldn’t provide.  Something changed, however, between the founding of this ministry and the hosting of our first conference in San Antonio in October of 2019.  God placed a different vision on the heart of Adrian, and he began to seek earnestly after Him for what that vision might look like.

One night, while watching our good friend L.A. Marzulli at a conference hosted in Missouri, Adrian was struck with an interesting thought.  “What if we bring a conference to San Antonio?”  Of course the thought of doing such a thing was crazy.  How would that work?  We’ve never hosted an event of that scale before.  How would we connect and book the speakers, the venue, the flights, the hotel, the whole nine yards?  No clue.

Adrian sent an email to L.A. that night because he published his contact information.  Not expecting much, Adrian went to bed.  The next morning, L.A. responded with not 1 but 4 separate emails with how this all works and explaining that he’d love to speak at our event.  Well… there wasn’t an event yet, but one was coming.

A date was set for mid-October of 2018, speakers were contacted, a venue was booked, friends were recruited to help.  It was on.  18 speakers over 3 nights brought fabulous Biblical lessons to a crowd of almost 400 in-person and an additional 200 live streaming viewers.  The event was a success.  Not because of anything Adrian or Cindi did, but because of the Holy Spirit.

The bug was caught.  Another event was planned for June of 2020 in the same venue with some of the same guests and a few different ones….  COVID prevented that from happening, at least in-person.  The show went on, 100% virtually with an interactive online platform that was almost as good as being there.  No virus was going to stop this movement!  This virtual conference was, in many ways, more successful than the in -person one, but there’s nothing like gathering in-person!

God paused things for a long time, but in 2024, the vision was furthered and new conferences all over the country are planned with many different themes.  The gospel will be spread and disciples of Christ will be made!